To combat cybercrime, advanced data security protocols are becoming a competitive edge for companies. This resource paper, compiled by CIFFA’s Technology Committee based on information from multiple cybersecurity firms, lists the top 10 cybersecurity best practices in 2022. The committee focused primarily on the needs of small businesses in the freight forwarding sector.

Aux termes de la présente lettre ouverte, le signataire se porte garant du paiement des frais de surestaries, de stockage et d’immobilisation ainsi que des frais liés aux conteneurs endommagés ou perdus.

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The Guarantee Letter was preferred to ensure payment for delayed pick-up of containers, resulting in demurrage, detention, damage or other related storage charges.

The following resource list features the current 24/7 contact numbers for all CBSA border offices in Canada.

A list of ground handlers has been compiled for CIFFA membership, showing their capabilities and services available for screening 100% of international air cargo transported on commercial aircraft, as per the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) requirement.

The contracting process is crucial for freight forwarders, not just to mark the start of a new business relationship, but as a method by which to manage one’s risk and avoid undue liability exposure. Much depends on having proper management controls in place from the outset to avoid common and unnecessary pitfalls. This best practice guide provides general considerations for freight forwarders during any contracting process, delving into the overall stages of the process and providing guidance regarding what to watch out for and the essential contractual clauses to consider.

Best practices as proposed by FIATA

FIATA Advisory Body Legal Matters (ABLM) has produced this best practice guide to assist both FIATA Association Members and Individual Members as well as the global logistics and freight forwarding industry at large.

Legal issues are key for those operating in the area of freight forwarding whether in their own jurisdiction or internationally. Keeping forward-ers advised of legal developments around the world is therefore of prime importance for ABLM as is advising the association of action it may take in relation to legal developments to protect the interests of its members.

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The GSA (General Service Agreement) posted here outlines the general terms under which “the Forwarder” offers its services to “the Customer”.

Please note that the CIFFA Standard Trading Conditions may only be used by current CIFFA Regular Freight Forwarding Members of the Association.  Check to see if your Forwarder is a Member. Updated May 2021.

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