Shipping Lithium Batteries by Air

Lithium batteries can be dangerous in transit, and shipping them is a complicated process guided by ever changing regulations. This short online course is an ideal complement to CIFFA’s other Air Dangerous Goods courses, but it can also be taken on its own for general knowledge purposes.


Course Description

Taking this course is not a dangerous goods certification, but coupled with on the job coaching and documentation of that coaching, it can be used to allow for the transport of lithium batteries under Section II. This course will: Provide greater and detailed explanation for handling lithium batteries for air transport; Define and identity different types of lithium batteries and why they pose a risk; Recognize the risks associated with transporting lithium batteries; Identify lithium battery shipping requirements using the IATA DGR Regulations; Aid in the understanding of the transport conditions for shipping lithium batteries; Identify state and operator prohibitions and limitations when shipping lithium batteries; Help you understand and know the steps required to have compliant DG shipment of lithium batteries.

Course Locations and Times
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Who is this for?

Freight Forwarders

Anyone who prepares and offers lithium batteries for transport.

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to lithium batteries.
  • Classification and identification
  • Packing instructions
  • Marks and labels
  • State and operator variations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CIFFA sell the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations?
No, we do not sell the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, but if you email us we can direct you to groups that do. However, a 30 day electronic version of the IATA DGR can be purchased through CIFFA for an additional $100.
Do I need the IATA DGR to take this course?
Yes. You will need to acquire a copy of the latest IATA DGR to complete this course.  CIFFA DOES NOT provide these books, where possible please arrange to use your employer’s DGR.
Does this course provide a certification of any kind?
No. However, taking this course and being coached at work on the shipment of section II lithium batteries can qualify you to ship them without assistance.

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